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      Asset labels and asset tags are used by companies to make it easier to track and maintain all of their valuable stock and equipment. They are often used to protect ICT equipment in the business and education sectors, but can also be used to track medical equipment in hospitals, housing inventory such as boilers for local authorities and retail stock in warehouses.
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      Round VOID Warranty Tamper Proof Stickers Screw Hole Security Seal    The same cautionary seal is also used by prestigious mobile phones producers. Highly adhesive acrylic glue keeps the cautionary seal reliably sticked on the tops of set-in screws. The...


      Hologram Tamper proof Labels      Genuine Guaranteed These security labels are very effective in the prevention of fraudulent and theft activities on many items. These labels are tamper proof. Waves design across the labels improve the labels security level...


      Tamper Evident Warranty Stickers  Labels Unique sequential serial numbering Tamper evident void material  Size: 50 x 10 mm  Self-Adhesive Tamper Evident Dumb Bell Security Seal Labels printed on silver tamper evident Void vinyl. Labels leave pattern VOID if tampered with...


      2000 SECURITY SEAL LABEL WATER SENSITIVE STICKERS INDICATOR WARRANTY VOID Product features: The label will discolor evidently once liquid water intrusion and could not be retrieved. The label could be designed that discolor at pre-set relative humidity or completely immerge....